Band Bio

​     February 

2/25 Saturday, Grossen Bart Brewing 8pm

Grossen Bart Brewing


3/3 Friday Night, The Exchange Tavern


The Exchange Tavern

3/10 Friday Night, Bohemian Biergarten


Bohemian Biergarten

3/11 Saturday, Fados Downtown Denver


Fados Irish Pub

3/11 Saturday, Jack Quinns Clorado Springs 8pm

Jack Quinn's Irish Pub

3/17 Friday Night, Fados St. Patricks Day


Fados Irish Pub

Upcoming Shows

​  Big Paddy

Music with Passion and Soul

Colorado Groove Band

Sean Michael Kayo Gaughan
 * Lead Vocals, Drums/Percussion

    A love for entertaining and

performing courses through Sean's

Irish Blood! Big Paddy is about

sharing his passion of music

through the eyes of his Irish Heritage.

    Sean began performing at a very young age and took to the Drums as his medium. He's performed with many bands throughout Colorado and has enjoyed quality time in some great studios with Planet Alice, Baba Fats, ABOM, Zyedeco Playboys, and Boulder Theatre Allstars, to name a few. He has been playing in Big Paddy for the past 15 years.
   For Sean, Music is Medicine, something that the world NEEDS! Sean also uses Guitar, Piano, Flute, and a variety of percussion to share "the medicine."

Michael R. Mitchell
 * Bass, Mandolin, Vocals

    The ever dynamic Michael

R. Mitchell nails down the crucial

roles of Bass, Mandolin, and harmonies.

    Mike is a lifelong Musician, a multi-instrumentalist who also plays Keyboard, Clarinet, Saxophone and Drums. He has toured nationally with original Rap Metal, Funk, Emo and Progressive Metal bands, and performed with tribute bands, playing venues like CBGB's in New York and the 930 Club in D.C. He has appeared on over a dozen Albums.

Kieran Murphy
* Guitar, Bodhran, Vocals

    Kieran hails from NY, but with deep

New England roots, Kieran has been

heavily engaged in Irish music for years.

He cut his teeth playing in all manner

of bars and functions throughout the

Northeast, from Boston, to Albany,

to NYC…and even all the way to Honolulu.

    Kieran has kept the traditional music alive by never forgetting the history behind the tunes. The pursuit of this music has been a life long journey, and now he couldn’t be more excited to continue that journey in the unbelievable state of Colorado, with the always exceptional BIG PADDY! This next chapter of his musical life will undoubtedly be his best, because of these incredible musicians Mike, Jamie, and Sean G…and of course YOU, the great fans and people of Colorado!

Jamie Krutz

A hero this St. Patricks Day run!